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We strive, in all that we do, to provide the best possible moving company and moving services possible. We are local, and stay local, with a professional team of movers, relocation specialists, free moving quotes, excellent customer service, and reasonable rates for everything we do.

  • Trust: Trust us to make your experience memorable and unusual—more than you would expect.
  • Dependability: We do what we say, when we say it, and at the price we quote. You never have to second guess our word. Isn’t that the true spirit of San Francisco?
  • Value: We always give the best value.Get a free moving quote today and see what affordable movers we can be!

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Welcome to Rapid MoVers - San Francisco.

We want you to be moved by your family, your neighbors, your valued possession’s entrusted to the arms of your brothers and sisters, that is what Rapid Movers - San Francisco is all about.

Moving can be Tough

Moving is a stressful time. With all there is to do, plan, orchestrate, and achieve it’s no wonder many people dread a move. With Rapid Movers - San Francisco, serving the San Francisco area, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive, worry free, and customer service oriented moving process around.

We feel, with a great group of professional movers, consumer oriented standards, friendly customer service, and the desire to go the extra mile, we have created an excellent moving company to serve you.

Forget What You Know About Big Cooperate Moving Companies

We know you may have had a horrible experience with past movers, in fact we talk to customers like that almost every day. We take it as a personal challenge to change their minds. We are a different kind of moving company, local, and we move your belongings like they were our own, like they were a beloved neighbor, or brother and sister, because that is what you are to us.

That is why we stay local, because we have pride in where we live and who we serve. Moving with us isn’t like using a moving company at all, it’s like rounding up the family and making it fun!

See the Difference with Rapid Movers - San Francisco

Still not sure? Worried about the moving cost? Afraid you’re just another customer? Browse our website from the comfort of your home and learn the benefits of using a local moving company and supporting a local California business. Obtain a free moving quote, learn more about our professional team of movers, or browse the other moving services we offer, such as auto shipping and packing services, all at very reasonable rates.

We also use only the highest quality packing materials, from boxes to tape. Take a moment to make the right choice, the local choice, and make your move with the Rapid Movers - San Francisco.

Moving Services

What you need depends on what, and where you have it. We can flexibly quote you on your own particular situation.
We have found that the needs of most movers generally fall into three tiers.

Tier One-Basic Move

When you just want your belongings moved from once place to another, no fuss no muss.

Tier Two- Easy Move System

Our easy move system is the middle tier, a great value for those with the time to assist with the move partially by pre-packing their belongings.

Tier Three- Total Care Easy Move System

We handle it all with the Total Care Easy Move System, the true intention of the Rapid Movers - San Francisco

We Service the California, San Francisco area

If you live in San Francisco, you know the pride we have for our great city. That’s why we stay local. We want you to be moved by your family, your neighbors, your valued possession’s entrusted to the arms of your brothers and sisters, that is what Rapid Movers - San Francisco is all about.

What our members say ?

Check out what other locals are saying about Rapid Movers - San Francisco!

"The last time I used a moving service, about ten years ago when I moved into my last home, I swore off using them again forever. It was a nightmare. The movers were late, rude, and they broke things I didn’t even think were fragile. On my most recent move we were downsizing because both of our sons went off to college, and unfortunately my husband got called out of town on business at the last minute. After a trusted friend gushed to me over her experience with Rapid Movers, I knew what I had to do. It turned out to be the best, and easiest, move I had ever made. They really went the extra mile to change my mind, and I think they worked even harder when they heard about my past issues. I now recommend Rapid Movers - San Francisco to all my friends who are moving"

Jill Deemers

California, San Francisco

"I live alone, but still manage to collect an impressive amount of stuff. I also move all the time, I get bored of the same old place, so I knew I had to find a moving company I could trust and afford. After a few bad experiences, once I moved to the California area I heard about you guys. I have moved twice since then and haven’t even considered using another company. I may like my options, but when you find a good thing you stick with it, and your company does moving right. Thank you, I can’t say enough."

Rebecca Sanchez

California, San Francisco

"I quoted three different moving companies. Two were larger chains, and one was local. To my surprise the quote that held the most value was the local company, the Rapid Movers. They did everything they said and more. They also had a real personal touch. Great customer service, and they seemed to really want to go above and beyond, which I must admit they did. I am pretty hard to impress, and have never written a review like this, but I really feel like these guys deserve the business. Keep it up guys!"

Bill Russel

California, San Francisco

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